The Dragon's Maw

Dropped into the Lions Den

First Session

Swirling blackness for what seems like forever. They can’t seem to put a cohesive thought together before it slips from their grasp. They feel formless yet constrained at the same time. Suddenly after what seems like an eternity in this shapeless black prison, they become aware of something. Two young men in purple robes enter the cave they find themselves in. They recognize that whatever they are trapped in, is sitting on a podium in the middle of the room.

The two men see each other and identify quickly that they are both carrying two halves of a single item. One has a metal block and the other a metal rod. when they combine them a light shines and a great hammer is forged. One of the purple robed men walks up to the players source of vision, trapped on the podium, and begins to strike them. Without understanding what is happening they feel themselves begin to crack apart. After two more strikes they shatter into a million pieces and through their shattered vision see that the man with the scar on his face has been released. He addresses the two younger men and tells them that they have much work to do as they parties vision fades to blackness once again.

Moments later Bridrik wakes up in the lair of the black haired man first, confused. He is laying in the middle of some sort of underground museum. He sees this room as a treasure horde and attempts to raid the museum to arm himself. He then sees Krull in the corner and before they can come to any aggression with each other, they hear something large coming and decide to team for the moment for safety. Just before it appears Alya wakes as well. The black haired man appears and interrogates the party without conflict. He believes their story and returns their belongings to them. He releases them and says the nearest town is Samara, Lyantor. The black haired man says he will look into what happened and they may return in one month.

The group travels to Samara, gathering pelts as cultural disguises on the way. Krull catches a rabbit, Bridrik a boar, and Alya a wolf. They spend the night on a farm on the outskirts and are welcomed jovially. After spending the night they head into town.

When they first arrive a boy, Orson, trys to pickpocket them. He is caught, warned, and released. Krull stays out of sight mostly to not draw attention to himself. Alya is treated as somewhat of a novelty due to her height.

They meet with the town Vertet, a local judge like position, and after a demonstration of strength through an arm wrestling contest, view the local history books for clues to what happened to them. Finding nothing of note, they decide their next trek will be to the nearby wizard city of Atacore. No locals will take them there, so they decide on planning to sail across the sea by boat. They realize they need more funds to obtain a boat and take a job on working for local Baron Nab Travers trying to protect a construction crew from eco terrorists.

Bridrik and Alya are disgusted with the local culture at this point when they come to full realization that slavery is legal in Lyantor. Nonetheless they press on with the task. The local potions master comes under suspicion when he is found overwatching the dam they found explosives planted on that morning. He claims to be collecting wood for charcoal for the local potter. Krull tails him home to find him indeed making charcoal and then visiting Elaine, woman who runs the aviary.

That night, Alya encounters Orson again and befriends him. Feeling sorry for his plight, she takes him under her wing as a trainee. Also that night Bridrik does a stakeout on the dam. Around midnight he sees a hooded figure planting new explosives on the dam. The explosives are recovered and in the morning the lizard man follows the tracks the man leaves back to a burnt down farmhouse with a workshop in the basement.

Krull lays in wait for the hooded man while Bridrik and Alya wait by the dam. Krull confronts the hidden man late at night and prevents his suicide. He burns down the workshop and brings the man back for interrogation. They discover he is an acolyte of the Sons of Gareth working with the Darkvines, the ecoterrorist group, and knows nothing else. Krull dispatches the acolyte and they bring him into town for the bounty. The group also takes the cloak the acolyte had as well.



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