The Dragon's Maw

The First Trials of Shedu
Session Seven

The group follows along with a caravan of prisoners headed to the Mount Shedu. They arrive halfway up the mountain and see a spirit gate with a lone elderly guard. The prisoners pass by without event, but the guard stops the party to question their intent.

After some talking, the guard let’s them pass with a warning that the place they seek is not in the natural world and to assume nothing. The group also now realizes that with Gareth dead, they will no longer come back as well.

They climb the mountain a bit further and enter a man made cave. They discover some locked doors and a statue that promises to defend its door unrelentingly. After completing a puzzle they open the first door and battle a series of clockworks to obtain the first rune and a hammer empowered with earth magic. They use the rune to unlock the first arm of the statue. It drops a special gem and the now mobile arm tries to attack them.

The next door is blocked by yet another puzzle the party defeats while fending off the statue. Once inside they encounter a cyclops guarding the next door. They distract him by releasing a series of prisoners which he must chase down. The party pries the door open and jump inside. They bore a small hole for Krull to sneak through and after grabbing an electric spear and the next statue rune they return to the main chamber.

They load the next rune into the statue and free its second arm, releasing another key that opens the next door. The group battles the statue again while completing another puzzle and dash through the door. This room opens up to a massive tubelike chamber with a river of lava flowing away from the enterance further down and a strong wind blowing towards them. Small cooler solid chunks flow to the surface sporadically and we finish as the party prepares to navigate their next obstacle.

Tragedy Strikes
Session Six

The group comes up on a ridge near the mine entrance. They see a crowd of slaves working at loading minerals into carts and headed back into the mines. Some stage boxes with fires burning fumes into them stand on the other side of the entrance. The group manages to snatched a slave named Raul. They gain some information about the monstrous denizens of the mines and then head inside. They sneak past the mind controlled guards and begin to explore the interior. They discover a room inside containing a strange yellow mineral being dissolved in acid. Next they come across a storage room and some sort of barracks with a group of unresponsive mind controlled humans and a crearure the slaves refer to as monstrous dogs resting inside the chamber.

Finally the group stumbles across a massive storage chamber for the yellow mineral. Inside they overhear a conversation and witness a discussion firsthand between Galmordian, the cultist whose golem they damaged previously, Amaymon, Ziminiar, and finally Gareth himself. They discuss the importance of the mining operations continuing and the recovery of the egg. Galmordian is tasked with dealing with the heroes when they arrive, Amaymon is to secure the yellow mineral, and Ziminiar opens a portal to Samara and both him and Gareth walk through.

As the heroes approach the remaining opponents Alya is struck with a ringing sensation and is incapacitated for a moment as the eye on her dagger sees the eyes on Amaymon’s sword. They reverb throughout both welders causing a feedback loop, stunning them both. The heroes attack and Galmordian fends them off as Amaymon recovers himself and leaves the battle.

After a fierce combat with Galmordian, his golem is destroyed but he flees the room intact. The heroes press on and search for Amaymon further in the mines. They ambush him below the acid chamber and in reaction he throws his sword at the ready injured Krull, killing him instantly. Thinking fast, Lady Shazarian grabs Krull’s body, while Alya grabs Amaymon’s sword and the pair flee from the battle. As they run up the stairs, Alya collapses the tunnel they are in. They plant explosives at the entrance of the storage room and collapse that as well. In the ensuing chaos of the explosion, Lady Shazarian and Alya manage to escape the mines and return to the woods.

Desperate to return to Samara, the group leaves Raul behind and flies onwards towards their destination. The next morning Krull reappears, unharmed and very confused. He portals the group directly to their ship only to find it submerged. They search the ship and find that it was attacked at the port of Samara and only a few of the crew survived.

Raymond, the captian of the Unshackled, Ryoko, and the regular crew are all dead. Sarash is gravely wounded. Oblius is relatively uninjured, but grieving Ryoko while tending to the rest of the injured in town. Maxwell is severely wounded as well and is doing his best to watch over Sarash. They find Deanna in the bar, missing an arm and crushed by the fact that Orson and Norixius were both taken in the attack.

The group decides to go to the lair of the black haired man for help. Upon arrival, he welcomes them in and explains what he knows. He tells them that they are essentially immortal for the time being, but when Gareth is killed they will no longer be. Their souls are basically parasitic to Gareth’s powers. They trade the sword of Amaymon for further help. The black haired man gives them maps to the Spear of Al’Bali, the Destroyer and the Mace of Sharur, the Demonslayer. Both weapons should be powerful enough to kill a demon like Amaymon. The black haired man also takes them to outside the cave where Gareth is holding Orson hostage. The black haired man says that his debts are now paid to the party and wishes them well.

They encounter Gareth in the cave under a protective dome with Orson held hostage. He is preparing some sort of ritual. He offers to trade Orson for any willing soul as its nothing personal. After some time Deanna trades herself and the bulk of the party moves on. Lady Shazarian stays behind to watch the ritual. Gareth removes Deanna’s soul and then activates the ritual. He loads a multitude of barriers as power begins to pulse from the magic drawings on the cave floor. Eventually the power proves too much, his last barrier fails and Gareth is killed. The group searches the area and decides to collapse the cave.

They then decide to search for the mace of sharur as they still have the demons to contend with. They summon Cheung Po Tsai with the coin that was given to them. When he arrives, they barter passage to the Qianlong Shogunate. They arrive to a small city under constant siege by monsters from the north. As much as the group wishes to lend aid, they decide to stay their course and retrieve the mace.

What Tomorrow Brings
Session Five

After returning to town from the ruined temple, the group reconvenes to discuss their next plans. They interrogate Maxwell further and find that he had only been with the Son’s for a few weeks and has an affinity for necromancy. Oblius offers to train him in an ethical fashion. Krull spares Sarash the kobald’s life and commits him to serve Maxwell. Maxwell fills the group in about the Son’s plans to resurrect an ancient dragon using an egg purchased from the Sky Elves in Vernazza. They obtain a draft horse from Thorbalt as payment for the return of his dagger and trade their donkey and cart to him in return for a wagon. The group leaves at once for Manarola, hoping to intercept a cultist named Basso Carver. The group disguises Alya’s wings and prepares to enter the country of Thema. When they arrive in the city of Brixen their disguise works. They decide not to press their luck further and commission a dilapidated ship called the Chimera to sail them to Manarola. During their journey a few members of the group have disturbing dreams.

The group finally arrives in Manarola without incident and disembarks into the city. They split up and form a plan to search for Basso. The Krull, Alya, and Bridrik head to the market square nearest to the docks to begin their search. They immediately stumble across a cultist and a thief exchanging information and a chase begins. Alya chases her perpetrator onto the rooftops where he stumbles and falls to his death. Bridrik and Krull chase the thief into the sewers where Bridrik uses information matching the dream he had previously to navigate the traps laid for them and catch the thief. After a further interrogation of the thief they further work out the cultists plot. They also discover that the cultist that Alya was chasing was Basso. Thankfully they determine the name of his superior, a man called Galmordian Ward.

After this Krull, Bridrik and Alya, decide to look for a Son’s of Gareth safe-house in hopes of finding Galmordian or the general referred to as Gaap. They search the streets at night, looking for a red candle in a window. As they are about to give up, Bridrik scores a lucky break and spots one. Bridrik goes undercover as a cultist and learns that both Gaap and Galmordian left for their respective missions only a few hours ago. Not wanting to waste any time, they grab the horse and minimal gear and head out to the road towards Vernazza. They make a strong pace, but two weeks into their journey, they come across dead horses on the side of the road, indicating that the cultists are pushing even harder in their travels. The group decides to free the draft horse and push on foot at an even faster pace. They travel hard and light for the next week straight and are decidedly catching up to the cultists, but when a storm begins to roll in, Krull panics and forces the group to change course.

The group leaves the road and treks northwards towards the sea. Just at nightfall, the storm has hit in full force and the group stumbles across the ritual the cultists were preforming to resurrect the forgotten dragon. Krull charges at a wagon surrounded by cultists, while Alya and Bridrik run towards a stone golem on the opposite side. Krull deflects and explosive barrel tossed his way and redirects it at the dragon egg and crystal altars on both sides of it. Bridrik throws a flask of alchemists fire at the barrel and destroys one of the crystal spires in the resulting explosion. Krull escapes death from further explosive barrels by teleporting next to the egg while Alya engages into a fierce battle with the golem. Bridrik smashes the remaining crystal and Krull deflects a barrel back into the wagon just as the fire mage throws his bolt. The entire wagon explodes into a fireball in the night. The golem unleashes a massive energy weapon on the group and they decide that it would be best to retreat now that the plot has been foiled. They head back to the road, stranding Galmordian in his damaged golem and easily out pace him back to Manarola.

There they collect their associates and head north again towards Samara to stash the dragon egg on their ship. They hide it below decks and after meeting up with a strange girl named Lilly, they head to a nearby mining town called Anadyr. They leave their other associates behind to defend the egg. Once in Anadyr they are unable to find anyone willing to talk openly about Amaymon, the nearby general of Gareth’s army. After some more investigating, they decide to head to the nearby mines in search of him.

But Where Are All the Kobolds?
Session Four

The session begins with Lady Shazarian catching up to the party after waking up in the lair of the black haired man. She joins up with them to try and find out what happened to them while they were gone. With the library of the citadel now closed off the party decides to concern themselves with the Shedu. They talk it over with Oblius and Ryoko and decide to head south for the Shedu in Manarola, Thema. They board the Unshackled and Captain Raymond takes them and a load of cargo back to Samara. They spend the night there and head to the road south with the group and a donkey pulling a cart. After a few weeks of uneventful journey Bridrik comes down with some form of food poisoning. Something he had eating the night before had been spoiled and has him down for the count in severe stomach pain. He rides in the cart after that for the next few days. During these few weeks the group learns about Ryoko’s past and how she came to know Oblius.

The next day the group encounters trouble on the road. Up ahead Krull and Alya hear a traveler in trouble. They run ahead while Lady Shazarian watches after Bridrik, Oblius, and Ryoko. Krull and Alya see a small group of kobolds attempting to loot a traveler’s wagon. They assault the kobolds and send them running for the hills. Alya manages to capture one of the assailants. They take the kobold into the woods and interrogate him for information while Lady Shazarian talks to the merchant. The kobold identifies himself as Sarash, gives them a lead on his “master” wanting them to steal sapphires, and promises to take them there if they don’t eat him. The group also promises to escort the merchant, Quinn Tully, into town for a nominal fee.

So they fix his wagon and follow him into town. Once there they head to the blacksmith’s so the merchant can deliver a load of oil. Once they see the shop is closed, they then head to the local tavern to find Thorbalt Stundar, the blacksmith. There they find Thorbalt drinking away, battered, bandaged, and leaning on a crutch. After Quinn gets paid and passes on the adventurer’s cut, Thorbalt inquires if the party would help him. A group of kobolds attacked his smithy and stole an ancestral dagger. He offers to pay for it’s return. The group agrees to help and Krull, Alya, and Lady Shazarian head off into the woods on the captured kobold’s direction. Bridrik, Oblius, and Ryoko stay in town to ask around and see if they can find any other information that may be important if the kobold’s lead comes short.

The kobold leads the group to a ruined temple deep in the woods. The specifics of what god it was once dedicated to seem lost to time and nature. They tie the kobold to the top of a tree and investigate the ruins. Krull spies a beautiful silver and sapphire goblet and snags it off of a decrepit set of shelves. He narrowly hangs on as the floor falls out from underneath him, leading to a spiked pit trap below. With no one else close enough to lend aid quickly, Krull uses his tail to carefully snag a nearby ruined pew and pulls himself to safety. After some more searching, they find a hidden set of stairs behind the altar.

Down they go into the cave dug below the ruins. There are torches lit in the proceeding tunnel, which seems to indicate the cave is occupied. Due to this, the group moves forward with care. Up ahead they come across an underground ravine with a rope bridge strung across it. Not trusting it, Krull uses his air magic to fly across, Alya uses her wings to fly across, and for the first time in front of the party, Shazarian transforms into a large hawk and flies across. From this point forward, Krull becomes infatuated with Lady Shazarian and is in awe of her abilities. Before they can get settled on the other side, the group overhears two men chasing another down the hall. Krull and Alya hide around both sides of the entrance, while Shazarian perches on a rocky outcropping a few feet above the door.

Bursting through the doorway is a cultist of Gareth being chased by two more cultists. Krull and Alya engage the pursuers as Shazarian swoops down from her perch and lifts the escapee cultist by the shoulders. Krull tricks the a cultist into second guessing that he is a fellow Son of Gareth, by rapidly donning a stolen robe. Then he ambushes the man, blasts him with a jet of air, and pushes him to the edge of the cliff line. He flips off of the nearby wall, sprints towards the recovering cultist and delivers a flying dropkick, sending the man flying into the void below. Alya snags the other man with her whip and swings him into the nearby wall, instantly incapacitating him.

Shazarian interrogates the cultist, who identifies himself as Maxwell, and discovers there are more Sons of Gareth further in the cave preparing to sacrifice a girl. Krull and Alya sprint onward as Shazarian stays behind to instruct Maxwell to go into town, find Oblius, Ryoko, and Bridrik and await their return. After sending him off with hopes of his compliance, Shazarian catches up to Krull and Alya just as they all burst into a larger round chamber. There sits an altar with the mentioned girl strapped to it. A disgusting old man covered in boils and flaking skin hovers over her and commands the remaining cultists to protect him.

A massive electrified dome erupts from three jewels around the room and armored elementals assemble themselves around the colored gems. Alya and Shazarian immediately engage the closest elemental who happens to be an earth elemental. Alya assaults it with her flaming whip, while Shazarian shifts into the form of a huge purple dragon to press the attack. Krull teleports inside the electrified dome, but learns the hard way that dimensional magic of this kind does not circumvent magical barriers. He is greatly injured, but presses on to engage the diseased man. Alya and Shazarian defeat the first elemental and its armor flies off and attach themselves to the electric dome. Once they hold the first gem, the dome weakens.

Meanwhile Krull and the diseased man fierce battle with their magics. Krull manages to push the man into the inside edge of the electric dome, severely shocking him. Alya and Shazarian engage and defeat the second foe, an ice elemental. Its armor plates also fly off and attach themselves to the electrified dome. Shazarian frees a strange captive from his chains to aid them while the last opponent, a fire elemental, charges toward her. In a desperate bid, the diseased man slays the fire elemental himself as Krull frees the young girl strapped to the table. As the electric shield collapses, the attached armor plates fly through the air and attach themselves to the diseased man. With their last effort Krull and Alya charge at the man and destroy the plates protecting him. Shazarian sweeps in from behind him and in one swift chomp, bites him in half, thus ending the diseased mans reign of terror.

With the Sons of Gareth defeated the captured man introduces himself as Cheung Po Tsai. He gives Shazarian a special coin and instructs her that if she has need to travel far, she must throw the coin in a well or nearby water source and he will appear in three days to take her there. The girl they rescue identifies herself as Norixius Artana, a dragon of the Ziana, the creation dragons. She thanks them for their quick rescue, claiming the diseased man meant to torture her before killing her as the Sons of Gareth serve the dragons of the Abatu, otherwise known as the destruction dragons. The group discovers a chest of sapphires and the Thorbalt’s dagger and scoop it up on their way out. We leave off as the group gathers the kobold back out of the tree and heads into town.

Clash with the Dragon's Tide
Session Three

After stocking their ship with a weeks worth of supplies, Krull, Alya, and Bridrik set sail for Atacore. They stay about a mile from shore as a navigation aide for their journey. Bridrik mans the helm during the day and Krull mans the helm at night. Krull successfully uses the evening star known as Eos to navigate in the darkness. With the first night passed without incident, the group prepares breakfast before Krull goes to sleep.

From over the side of the boat the crew hears a small voice asking for some spare food. Alya discovers a small blue fish in the water and happily tosses it her left over scraps. The small fish thanks them and swims away. Alya flies out to sea the next day and hunts for game while the ship sails on. They sail on without incident again and Alya returns that evening with fresh salmon for dinner. The night fairs well with clear skies, Krull misjudges slightly and they are further out to sea than they intended come daybreak, but not off course and they easily correct their path. That morning with breakfast, the fish returns and this time Alya tosses it a few spare pickled eggs. The fish complements them, thanks them and quickly swims away. The group finally feels comfortable enough to question Bridrik about the events at the dam. He explains the swirling darkness of death and then returning to his body at dawn. They come to the conclusion that he is somehow magically tied to his heartstone and that is the source of his resurrection.

Alya once again goes game hunting during the day and mid afternoon begins to stalk a marlin. Meanwhile Bridrik strikes something with the boat and realized the rudder is jammed. He pulls the sails up and climbs down into the water to investigate. Soon he discovers that a water bola has entwined the rudder of the ship. He frees it up and pulls the chain on deck just as Alya returns with her catch. They keep the chain and decide to move on with a weather eye on the horizon. That evening with dinner, the fish returns and they question it before feeding it again. It gives cryptic answers and thanks them once again before swimming off. The group does notice that the fish was much larger than before as it swims away.

The evening goes well with Krull at the helm. He wavers slightly and is much closer to the shore in the morning, but once again easily corrects their course before waking the others. The crew prepares breakfast and once again the pesky fish begs for scraps. When they look over the side they see the fish as grown massively over night and is nearly ten foot long at this point. The day goes well with Bridrik at the helm and Alya doing basic maintenance to their small vessel. Come evening Alya spots a ship on the horizon. Their heading leads them right towards it and they continue into the night. Just at last light they identify that the mysterious ship is not flying any colors and they become wary. Bridrik and Alya decide to stay up that night as they approach.

As night falls they lose sight of the ship and decide to prepare for the worst when they recognize that the mystery ship has doused its lamps and is running dark. Alya gains some height to get a clearer look as the night rolls on. At current pace, they guess they’ll cross paths around midnight. The group sails into the night apprehensively as midnight approaches. In the dead of the night the two crews finally encounter each other.

Alya swoops down on the crows nest of the pirates and subdues their scout. The pirates ignite their arrows and fire a volley at the opposing ship. Thankfully, obly moments before, krull and Bridrik pulled their sail up and avoided any rapid damage. Krull teleports to the rear of the pirate ship, behind their helmsman. Bridrik hangs off of the side of their ship as the two boats prepare to clash. With a heavy groan the two ships collide as the pirate crew deploys grappling hooks to lash the two ships together.

Krull startles the navigator and the terrified pirate takes off, running for cover. Two more crewmen spot him and come running. Deftly sidestepping their attacks Krull deflects one pirate off to the side and strikes the other, offbalancing the pirate as he tumbles down the stairs. In one swift movement he spins around and blasts the deflected pirate with a strong gust of wind, sending him sailing through the air towards the open sea. Much to his astonishment, now nearly thirty foot long, the blue fish they had been feeding during their journey erupts from the cool water and swallows the pirate whole before disappearing beneath the waves.

Meanwhile Alya dives down to the deck, behind the pirates preparing to board the ship, and engages the quartermaster with his whip. Bridrik swings himself up onto the pirate ship and charges into the fray. As the battle rages on Krull cuts a sail line and swings up to the mast, dropping half the sail and jarring the pirate ship partially loose. Two grappling ropes break and the ships begin to shift. Alya kicks the quartermaster overboard between the two ships. Water splashes up between the ships as the fish blasts to the surface, devouring another fallen pirate. Just as both ships settle down, the pirate captain reproduces the maneuver that Krull used to sling himself to the other side of the mast. This sets the pirate ship to full sails and the ship lurches forward, breaking the two remaining ropes lashing the ships together.

Bridrik engages the bulk of the pirate crew as Alya flies upwards to aid Krull in engaging the pirate captian. Together the two overwhelm the captian and knock him off of the mast. Alya catches him with her whip before he lands, sparing his life. Bridrik demolishes the pirate carpenter and the most notorious of the crew. The cascade of failing moral causes the remaining crew to surrender. Alya, Bridrik, and Krull debate what to do with the remaining crew while putting out the fires on their own ship. They stand unable to decide on their fate, so the trio heads below deck to inspect their loot.

Upon seeing the pirate’s cargo they immediately head back above decks and toss the entire group of them overboard for the fish to devour. They then come back down and free the thirty or so men and women held below to be sold as slaves.

An ex merchant introduces himself as Raymond and offers to captian the captured ship and pay dividends to the trio. They agree and rename the ship to “The Unshackled.” Meanwhile a young woman introduces herself as Ryoko and claims to know a wizard in Atacore. The group concludes that he may be a valuable asset in accessing the library and discovering what they’ve missed.

They land at the docks of Atacore and make their way through the winding city towards the citadel. Shortly after eating lunch and resuming their journey, the citadel comes under attack and a great golden shield starts to deploy. They quicken their pace and come to a battle on the bridge to the citadel between the Sons of Gareth and the wizards of Atacore. Alya and Bridrik engage two swordsmen protecting the Sons of Gareth’s flank while Krull teleports behind and engages the wizards directly. Between Krull and the wizards of atacore, the mages of Gareth are soundly defeated as the shield closes around Atacore Citadel. Alya and Bridrik battle on with the swordsmen of Gareth. The cultists raise a massive stone shield and use its cover to leap over the side into the canyon below. As this happens Krull uses the small window still being held open by what is assumed the leader of the wizards of Atacore to teleport inside the shield. Immediately the lead mage thrusts a young man he calls Oblius and beckons Krull to get him out of the citadel. Without hesitation, Krull launches the pair of them with a blast of air through the small hole in the shield.

Oblius and Ryoko embrace a moment and Oblius gives the group a letter he confiscated from an apprentice that very morning along with a code cypher. Bridrik begins deciphering the coded letter as Krull and Alya try to figure out more about the golden shield now around the citadel. They can come up with no ways to effect the shield. Meanwhile, Bridrik discovers the names and locations of four of Gareth’s generals, referred to as the Shedu. We close with the party pouring over a map of the region trying to decide where to head next.

Damn that Dam
Session Two

We pick up with the party bringing the fallen cultist to the house of Baron Nab Travers. They get paid their fee and leave the body for the butler to dispose of. Krull keeps the purple robe from the cultist. The party heads to the docks to find a shipwright. They purchase a boat capable of following the shoreline to Atacore and are told it will take a week to build.

Krull delivers a lumber order to the taskmaster at the dam while Bridrik and Alya head to the seedy tavern. While at the dam, Krull discovers more explosives planted and Alya gets a job from an agent of Morrigan to speak with a woman listed as Deanna Garnot. Upon speaking with her, Deanna reveals that she suspects her husband is involved with the Sons of Gareth. When Krull and Alya catch back up with each other next, Krull reveals the ongoing problem and Alya reveals their new lead. Krull immediately contacts the baron and renegotiates new terms on the coming threat.

That night, Krull and Bridrik stake out the dam in the rain while Alya tails the husband through his evening routine. She follows him back to the Aviary where she discovers Herman Garnot is having an affair with Elaine. She returns to Deanna and gives her the news. Deanna disappears for a bit to pack her bags and returns clad in armor with the deed to the property as payment for the task just as Herman returns from his escapades. Deanna ends his life and buries him on the corner of the property.

The next morning the party reconvenes, discussing the nights happenings. Krull describes the battle between a badger and two beavers that he broke up to relieve the monotony of the night. The badger is still subdued in his bag at this time. Alya introduces Deanna and explains what happened. Krull asks Deanna why she thought her husband was tied up in this mess and she responds that she knew Elaine was stealing the potters charcoal.

After being explained further by Bridrik that charcoal is a key ingredient in gunpowder and that she would also have access to the saltpeter found in bird poop, the party rushes off to confront her. They reach the property to find no one home. They then kick the door in and investigate. They discover a hidden door underneath the kitchen table and find a gunpowder workshop in the basement.

Krull and Alya fly to the burnt down farmhouse, Bridrik rushes to the dam, and Deanna and Orson stay at the aviary keeping an eye out. Krull and Alya get to the farmhouse to find that Elaine is not there. Bridrik sees a woman handing out water to the slaves at the dam, but does not know what Elaine looks like. Bridrik realizes there are far too many pots in her wagon, just as she spots him. Bridrik throws his battle hammer at her shoulder just as she pulls a glass bottle from her coat. She falls to the ground as her shoulder breaks from the blow. She gets up holding the bottle high in the other hand. Bridrik charges at her, drawing his war sledge high. Before she can react, he brings his hammer across her good shoulder hard with the intent of sweeping her away from the wagon he now knows is filled with black powder pots. The blow kills her instantly and the bottle drops from her lifeless hand as she is flung to the side. The bottle lands on a rock and bursts into flames upon breaking.

Far in the distance Krull and Alya desperately try to make it to the dam in time, knowing that it must be in danger after seeing the burnt down farmhouse is still abandoned. Before they can arrive they see a massive explosion rock the dam. Wood splinters, stone, and a thick black smoke fly through the air. By the time they arrive the dam has burst and a torrent of water is rushing towards the unprepared town of Samara. Alya stops to look for survivors when a large red gemstone catches her eye in the woodline. She grabs it for further investigation.

Krull flies ahead to try and cutoff the rushing torrent. He drops down in its path and raises a wall of ice to divert it. The water bursts through the wall and engulfs the lizardman in its depths. Summoning the last of his physical reserves, Krull makes another attempt at raising a barrier. This time he succeeds and the water damages the ice wall, but is successfully diverted towards the nearby coastline. Krull manages to hold out until the local Vertet arrives and uses his earth magics to reinforce the ice wall. After this is accomplished, Krull passes out.

Alya takes care of Krull with the help of the Vertet and they sleep for the night. In the morning the town rejoices at being saved. Krull is presented with a new Prasit, a shoulder cowl meant to represent the power and respect of a citizen of Lyantor, made from the badger that was in his pack. He is locally deemed Krull the Vicious by the townsfolk. Alya awakes that morning to find that Bridrik has reappeared next to her, missing all of his equipment and no real recollection of what happened after the explosion.

But before the party can address this mystery or revel in the celebration the town is having over such a near disaster, Orson appears and explains that he saw the local alchemist checking on Elaine’s workshop while she was gone. The party heads to confront him while Deanna explains to Krull how to formally and publicly challenge him. The alchemist accepts and the two meet in the center of town for a duel.

When he arrives, the alchemist exposes himself as a cultist of the Son’s of Gareth and claims to be unafraid to die as the Son’s will be paid what they asked for by the Darkvines, an ecoterrorist group, for successfully destroying the dam. Krull does not wait for more banter and charges at the alchemist, taking him entirely by surpise. He jumps off of the nearby fountain and lands an expertly placed strike down through the alchemists collarbone. The alchemist turns ghost white, but is still able to stand and drinks from one of his many potions. He immediately begins to fade and dissappears entirely.

Thinking quickly, Krull blasts a gust of wind through the fountain’s water in the direction he last saw his opponent. The mist does its job and reveals the alchemist clearly as a cloud in the mist. Wasting no time, Krull leaps off the fountain again, landing another precise blow to the opposing collarbone. The alchemist reappears and falls dead to the ground.

The Vertet judges the fight fair and declares Krull the victor, inheriting all the alchemist owned. Krull keeps the emblem of the Son’s of Gareth that the alchemist wore, and removes a spell stone from his dagger. The taskmaster reappears, heavily injured, but alive and cooroberates Bridrik’s story of the dam events. The townsfolk agree to pitch in to restore his lost gear as a reward for his heroics. The party members agree to rent out the two properties they own, with the town Vertet as the caretaker. Deanna says she plans to find her own way from here and asks Alya if she may travel with the boy Orson, as she has grown quite fond of him over the past few days and never had a child of her own. Alya begrudgingly agrees and wishes them both well as she reiterates to Orson the importance of his whip. We leave off with Deanna and the boy heading south, while the party gathers the last of their supplies and prepares to board their newly finished boat.

Dropped into the Lions Den
First Session

Swirling blackness for what seems like forever. They can’t seem to put a cohesive thought together before it slips from their grasp. They feel formless yet constrained at the same time. Suddenly after what seems like an eternity in this shapeless black prison, they become aware of something. Two young men in purple robes enter the cave they find themselves in. They recognize that whatever they are trapped in, is sitting on a podium in the middle of the room.

The two men see each other and identify quickly that they are both carrying two halves of a single item. One has a metal block and the other a metal rod. when they combine them a light shines and a great hammer is forged. One of the purple robed men walks up to the players source of vision, trapped on the podium, and begins to strike them. Without understanding what is happening they feel themselves begin to crack apart. After two more strikes they shatter into a million pieces and through their shattered vision see that the man with the scar on his face has been released. He addresses the two younger men and tells them that they have much work to do as they parties vision fades to blackness once again.

Moments later Bridrik wakes up in the lair of the black haired man first, confused. He is laying in the middle of some sort of underground museum. He sees this room as a treasure horde and attempts to raid the museum to arm himself. He then sees Krull in the corner and before they can come to any aggression with each other, they hear something large coming and decide to team for the moment for safety. Just before it appears Alya wakes as well. The black haired man appears and interrogates the party without conflict. He believes their story and returns their belongings to them. He releases them and says the nearest town is Samara, Lyantor. The black haired man says he will look into what happened and they may return in one month.

The group travels to Samara, gathering pelts as cultural disguises on the way. Krull catches a rabbit, Bridrik a boar, and Alya a wolf. They spend the night on a farm on the outskirts and are welcomed jovially. After spending the night they head into town.

When they first arrive a boy, Orson, trys to pickpocket them. He is caught, warned, and released. Krull stays out of sight mostly to not draw attention to himself. Alya is treated as somewhat of a novelty due to her height.

They meet with the town Vertet, a local judge like position, and after a demonstration of strength through an arm wrestling contest, view the local history books for clues to what happened to them. Finding nothing of note, they decide their next trek will be to the nearby wizard city of Atacore. No locals will take them there, so they decide on planning to sail across the sea by boat. They realize they need more funds to obtain a boat and take a job on working for local Baron Nab Travers trying to protect a construction crew from eco terrorists.

Bridrik and Alya are disgusted with the local culture at this point when they come to full realization that slavery is legal in Lyantor. Nonetheless they press on with the task. The local potions master comes under suspicion when he is found overwatching the dam they found explosives planted on that morning. He claims to be collecting wood for charcoal for the local potter. Krull tails him home to find him indeed making charcoal and then visiting Elaine, woman who runs the aviary.

That night, Alya encounters Orson again and befriends him. Feeling sorry for his plight, she takes him under her wing as a trainee. Also that night Bridrik does a stakeout on the dam. Around midnight he sees a hooded figure planting new explosives on the dam. The explosives are recovered and in the morning the lizard man follows the tracks the man leaves back to a burnt down farmhouse with a workshop in the basement.

Krull lays in wait for the hooded man while Bridrik and Alya wait by the dam. Krull confronts the hidden man late at night and prevents his suicide. He burns down the workshop and brings the man back for interrogation. They discover he is an acolyte of the Sons of Gareth working with the Darkvines, the ecoterrorist group, and knows nothing else. Krull dispatches the acolyte and they bring him into town for the bounty. The group also takes the cloak the acolyte had as well.

It Felt Like a Dream
Session Zero

It was your first time visiting the big city. Everything seemed new and wonderful compared to where you grew up, except the smell. The smell wasn’t as fresh as home. The bazaar was filled with new delights around every corner. Merchants yelled at passerby’s, competing for attention. So much color. Your small town wasn’t nearly this colorful either. Each stand at the bazaar had a canopy of different colors and patterns. A merchant yells at you to look at his wares, the best in the entire city he says.

It’s a stand filled with different gemstones. Some you recognize, like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, while some look like nothing you’ve ever seen. There is a large one nearly the size of your fist that looks like an emerald, but inside of a diamond somehow. Then there is one that actually glows. You’re sure the most amazing one on the table is a rainbow patterned stone that seems to change colors depending on from what angle it’s viewed. That’s when you see something truly magical. When you gaze into the stone you can almost feel something gaze back. Instinctively you reach out to touch it. The rest of the entire noisy bazaar around you seems to go quiet. You can hear something calling your name, but you can’t quite make out the rest of what it is saying. Your hand reaches ever closer to the stone, closing the gap. It feels like it is miles away. Somewhere you think you can hear someone yelling at you to stop, but it seems unimportant now.

That’s when you are rocked back to reality by a jarring blast. As you come to your senses, you realize you are sprawled on the ground with a hot wind blowing in your face. You look around and only see destruction. People are running in every direction in a panic. Merchant stands are knocked over with their wares scattered across the dirt. As you gaze across the destruction you are confronted with the source of all this damage and a fear unlike anything you’ve felt before grips you. A gaping black hole hovers about ten feet in the air over the center of the bazaar. A hot wind bellows forth from it, knocking over wreckage from initial blast. At the center of the hot wind you see a man drop down from the tear that seems to be in the air itself, like the world ripped open.

The mysterious man with short cropped hair and a jagged scar across his cheek stands up and gazes across the destruction. Without hesitation he reaches his ring covered right hand from underneath his dark purple robes and black and purple ropes erupt from his fingertips. They launch out with startling speed, taking all of the passerby’s by complete surprise. Whatever these ropes hit instantly turn to soft ash that blows away in the fierce wind, but when they come into contact with a person something truly sickening happens. You can see a green flash when a person is struck that travels down the length of the rope and into the strange man. You don’t know why, but you’re sure that this is the persons soul being removed before their body turns to ash.

The man begins to walk through the crowd, mercilessly destroying all in his path. Without warning, a bulk of town guards arrive, dressing in breastplate and wielding gleaming swords and shields with a lion emblazoned on the front. They surround the man and begin to advance. Unfazed by the oncoming threat, the man withdraws his vile ropes and in a flash of his robes that exposes the heavy armor he seems to be wearing underneath, he draws a sword of his own and charges at a point in the circle of men around him. Faster than any of them can react the gold and green embroidered trim of the mans robes flash as he cuts though their defenses with ease. One by one the guards drop to the ground lifelessly.
Your heart sinks when you see four more warriors drop from the swirling blackness in the sky and onto the ground. As the robed man advances on the last of the guards, three of the four newcomers advance behind the man in aid. A fourth stays behind and fiddles with a large device that seems to be tied to a rope that leads to the black swirling mass in the air. You can hardly believe your eyes when on of the mysterious new warriors raises his sword and brings it down towards the robed mans back. With lightening fast reflexes you didn’t think humanly possible, the robed man spins his sword behind him and intercepts the strike. He turns around with an incredulous look on his face and the three warriors, the three remaining guards, and the robed man square off.

The robed man’s free hand erupts with the dark ropes again and with a secondary flick of his wrist, a wall of fire spews forth from the ground behind him. The fighting ensues faster than you can process as the three guards are quickly dispatched, but these new warriors seem to be at a similar skill level as the robed man. They deftly dodge and block the robed man’s dashing strikes. Their armor seems to be resistant to the dark ropes slashing around wildly as one of the newcomer’s shield absorbs a hit full strength and isn’t turned to ash. The fourth newcomer is wildly fussing with the device tied to the black mass above him. The few words exchanged between the newcomers seems to imply that the device is meant to defeat the robed man, but it is not ready yet.

In the distraction of the fourth mans panicked work, one of the three warriors engaging the robed man is felled by one of the black ropes. In a green flash his life leaves his body and his soul travels down the rope and into the robed man. His chiseled features awaken with a sudden knowledge and his head snap turns to the device with an understanding that he didn’t seem to have before. As the battle rages on you begin to recover from your shell shocked state and finally come to your feet. The fourth man exclaims the device is ready and reaches for a lever on the top of the mysterious device.

With supersonic speed the robed man’s dark ropes dissipate and a new white hot whip lashes out from his outstretched hand. It burst forward and slashes at the man about to activate the device. In a flash of light his arm from the elbow down flies through the air in an arcing motion as he desperately grasps at the removed limb. As he is falling backwards from the blow a second strike from the whip strikes the man across the chest cleanly separates the man in two. He lifelessly falls to the ground and that is the moment when you decide that someone must act. You’ve never done anything heroic before, but in this moment, you know there is no other choice. You grab the sword from a fallen guard and charge towards the robed man. You notice a few other townspeople join in the fray as well.

The robed man almost seems overwhelmed for a moment as he is rushed from all angles. The remaining warriors take advantage and press their attacks recklessly. You feel a rush of adrenaline as you press on, but that is quickly dispersed as the robed man’s sword pierces through your chest as a fish swims through water. You gasp for breath as you reel backwards. You soon become barely aware of the battle ensuing around you as you realize there is no one standing at the device. You begin to crawl towards it, but your progress is slowed by the fact that one of your arms doesn’t seem to be working. In a burst of strength you pull yourself up onto the device. As you look up you see that the robed man has felled all of the remaining heroes and is standing over top of the warrior that carried the shield. He glances at you in understanding and proclaims to the robed man that he is victorious, even in death.

The robed man comes to an instant understanding and spins around and launches his white whip at you faster than you can even react, but he is too late. Your hand was already gripped around the level as he separates it from your body. The weight of your lost limb is still enough to bring the level down and the device whirrs to life. Glowing golden rope spews forth from the device and spins around the robed man like a spider spinning silk. It continues to wrap him over and over as soon his entire body is covered from view. As the wrappings grow thicker they begin to grow transparent and you can no longer even see the robed man inside what appears to be a clear crystal ball constantly being wound in golden silk that disappears now as soon as it touches the orb. As the life flows from your body your head tilts back and your balance is lost. In the process of falling backwards towards the earth you look up and see the inside of the swirling blackness seems to be a portal to another world entirely.

The world on the other side of the gateway seems to be dying though. Beams of white scorching fire burst up through the ground destroying the very earth that lay there. A distance back from these checkered geysers the entirety of the world is just a wall of fire and earth screeching towards the sky rapidly growing ever closer to the portal you gaze through. Just as your body hits the ground with a limp thud and life fades from your eyes, the wall of fire and light strikes the opening of the portal and burst through. The fire scorches the entire city until the portal itself is finally consumed by it’s fiery wrath. The last thing you remember is the white light coming through the opening at you in full force.

Introduction to the Characters
Session Zero


A three foot tall lizard man from Kuhra, a small city to the south of Ma’rib Dam. He wears his traditional tribal armor and carries a assortment of daggers and small swords. One of these daggers is a rare artifact that he was entrusted to find, reassemble, and return to the temple in Kuhra.


A four foot tall dwarf from the Golden City of Glandar. He wears dwarven breastplate and carries two hammers as weapons, a two handed warmaul and a smaller one handed battlehammer. He left Glandar to search out his true love and wandered his whole life in search of that goal and has yet to find that perfect match.


A seven foot tall sky elf from I’Ethdel Eskandor. Her towering frame and white wings are only adorned with a blue dyed leather armor and cloth wraps. She carries a small black bone dagger, a large whalebone spear, and a white leather whip with shark teeth and small round stones being alternately woven into it.

Lady Shazarian

Lady Shazarian hails from the island of Pyrecrest in the Midwood. She carries an assortment of flashy cookware and a crossbow. As a young child she encountered a mystic wood warden in the forest and it taught her to commune with animals and eventually transform into them. She has spent her life wandering the world encountering new animals and learning from them.


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