Analas Nil'Gulmir


Yellow Skull, Yellow flames behind local architecture

Objective Alignment
Chaotic Evil

Appears As
Gray skinned young man with dark clothes and sunken yellow eyes. Carries a crooked dark walnut staff with a humanoid skull adorning the top of it. Also appears as different varieties of mindless undead.

God of undeath and corruption. Empowers undead hordes and steers them towards destruction naturally when they sit uncommanded. Responsible for the corruption of both people’s minds and the land around them. Often blamed for blights, plagues, and evil acts.

There is usually a special headstone or marker in burial areas set aside for Analas. Tribute is paid by those wishing to relieve any of the conditions he is normally considered responsible for. A select few, like murderers, necromancers, and other crooked peoples, choose to honor him. This is usually done at secret shrines at home or in abandon shrines in the wilderness.

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Analas Nil'Gulmir

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