Eostre, Ushas, Ausra, Dawn Goddess, The Morning Star, The North Wind, The Wayward’s Light

Sunrise with a star above and to the side, Single star over a blue line on an egg, White Hare

Objective Alignment
Chaotic Good

Appears As
Plainly dressed short young woman with golden hair, a white hare, a small blue fish.

Goddess of dawn and new light. Brings the first light before the sun rises. Acts as a guide for wayward souls. Sailors and travelers use her for guidance at sea and on the road. Is the protector of newborn and young creatures.

Shrines are usually in old birds nests or stone representations of her holy symbol. Offerings are usually made first thing in the morning. Worshiped by sailors, abandon children, new mothers, and sometimes even ranchers. Offerings are traditionally eggshells.

In the spring, sweet cakes and dyed bird eggs are given to others as a sign of admiration. These can also be given to the honored dead, a person that has great influence, or an admired love interest.

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