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Name: Istria

Community Size: Village
Population: 891 Adults
Size: 39.56 Acres
Population Density (Adults/Acre): 22.52 Adults/Acre
Races: Human (826); Halfling (17); Elf (8); Dwarf (8); Gnome (8); Half Elf (8); Half Orc (8); Other (8)

Guards: 9
Militia: 44

Gold Piece Limit: 200.00
Wealth: 8,910.00
Income for Lord(s)/King(s): 17.82

Power Center – Conventional Noble
Baroness Pesca Norelli
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Wealth: 7,349.36

Imports: Nails and Salt
Exports: Wool, Textiles, and walnuts
Famous: None
Infamous: Torture

Wards: 12
Buildings: 418
Power Centers: 1
Guilds: 0

No Walls


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