Pehuson (Diety)

Pashupati, Pushan, Alraaei, Hoviv, Muyang Ren, Ciobair, The Hidden Shepherd

Goat, Large blue circle with much smaller red and blue circles above, Shepherds Hook, Golden Lance

Objective Alignment
True Neutral

Appears As
Cloaked figure carrying a shepherds hook and a golden lance. Also appears as a goat.

Pehuson is responsible for marriages, journeys, roads, and the feeding of cattle. He protects travelers from bandits and wild beasts, and protects men from being exploited by other men. He is a supportive guide, a “good” god, leading his adherents towards rich pastures and wealth.

Temples are usually located along roads. The priests of Pehuson are usually warriors and healers who inentionally set up temples and way stations in dangerous areas in order to protect travelers. Tribute is often paid by villages and city’s by leadership to help aid in the protection of neighborings roads. A place of honor is commonly left at the table of larger festivals and rituals and a equal serving of food is given during the course of the event. At the end of the event, the meal is buried in a field, dumped in a river, or burned in a pyre, whichever is available during the event.

Pehuson (Celestial Body)
Gas Giant
Distance: 147,648,267 km
Radius: 58,234 km
Gravity: 18.15G
Orbit Period: 368 days
Rotation: 650.4 hrs
Mean Temp: 318K/45C
Moons: Dheghom, Rimack, Zura

Smaller Bodies

Distance: 192,844 km
Radius: 6,372 km
Gravity: 1.1G
Orbit Period: 1 days
Rotation: 0 hrs
Mean Temp: 299K/26C
Atmosphere: 0.99 atm (N2 78%, O2 21%, Ar 0.9%, C02 0.03%)
Water / Ice Index: 72

Distance: 361,000 km
Radius: 2,991 km
Gravity: 0.46G
Orbit Period: 23 days
Rotation: 0 hrs
Mean Temp: 325K/52C
Atmosphere: 0.96 atm (C3H8 65.54%, N2 24.3%, Ar 7.63%, O2 0.69%)

Distance: 424,000 km
Radius: 1,523 km
Gravity: 0.48G
Orbit Period: 32 days
Rotation: 0 hrs
Mean Temp: 350K/77C
Atmosphere: 0.48 atm (CO2 84.22%, N2 10.72%, Ar 4.08%)

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